If you love Christmas decor and decorating your home for the festive season, then you’ve probably already started thinking about your Christmas tree display. But if you haven’t yet, that’s okay! There will always be an online shop where you can buy last-minute decorations. In addition, there are many tips and tricks for executing the perfect Christmas tree display.

1. The Tree

When it comes to designing and executing your Christmas tree display, the most important aspect is, obviously, the tree. If you want to make your Christmas tree display an annual event, invest in a good-quality artificial tree. As lovely as the real Christmas trees are, they just don’t last as long; they shed everywhere, and you have to buy a new one every year. Rather, buy a Christmas tree made from the best materials to support all of the decorations you want to put on it. You may want to choose a tree based on the latest Christmas trend, but selecting a traditional one is the best option because you know you can use it every year, and you can rather decorate it according to each year’s trend.

2. The Shape

A Christmas tree is nothing without proper shaping. To make your Christmas tree look fuller and more natural, you should fluff out the branches and shape the tree. The best way to do this is to separate the individual branches and fan them out as much as possible. You can also bend any branches to fill the gaps in between. Shaping your tree may take a very long time, but it is worth it for your Christmas tree display.

3. The Theme

If you want your Christmas tree display to shine, it needs to have a theme that ties all the decorations together; otherwise, it just looks too busy and confusing. Choosing a theme before buying decorations helps you narrow it down and keep it simple. You can choose from many different themes – the sky is the limit!

4. The Lights

One of the most important rules when decorating your Christmas tree for the display is always to add the lights first. Adding lights to your tree is much more difficult once you’ve already added all the decorations. You can choose whether you want lights that plug into a socket, in which case you should probably start with wrapping the lights from the base of the tree upwards, or you may prefer battery-powered lights, and then you are not restricted to beginning in a certain place.

5. The Decor

Now you’ve finally arrived at the best part – decorating the tree! When placing your decorations on your tree, it is important to ensure that all ornaments are balanced and proportioned. It is easier to start at the top of the tree and work your way down to the bottom, checking everything as you go. Another tip is to layer your decorations. For example, adding ribbon to your tree is a great touch; you can layer it within the branches to elevate your display. And finally, you need to choose the perfect ornament for the top of your tree.